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Lunch Menu
Tuesday - Saturday
Noon - 2.30 p.m.

Dinner Menu
Monday - Saturday
6.00 - 8.30/9.00 p.m.

(9.00 p.m. start)

Thurs. 7th Aug.
Stone Junction

Tues. 12th Aug.
Café de Paris

Thurs. 14th Aug.
Louis Turpin &
Roger Hubbard

Tues. 19th Aug.
Hot Club of Hastings

Sun. 24th Aug.
6.30 p.m.
Jazz Trio with
John Donaldson
Simon Thorpe
Spike Wells

Thurs. 28th Aug.
Engine, Clutch
& Gearbox

Sunday Quiz
(8.30 start)

10th August

Next Beer Festival

Details to follow

Go to What's On page for more details

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The FILO regularly arranges various events which you can be kept informed of by visiting this page.

There is a pub quiz which usually takes place on the 1st Sunday of the month. This is a friendly and often amusing evening as the questions AND answers are supplied by the publican, Mike Bigg!

The pub has a well earned reputation for offering quality musical events with musicians from all over the UK and further afield. Artists who have already performed at the FILO include; Ben Andrews, Mouton Noir (USA), John Wesley Harding (UK & USA), Lee Sankey & Ian Siegal, Gordon Smith, Dave Sutherland, Steve Winchester, John Pearson, Liane Carroll & Peter Kirtley (UK) and many more. Occasionally, when a bigger audience is anticipated, a larger venue is used for the evening. Details can be found on this page.

On several weekends throughout the year, beer festivals are arranged giving customers the opportunity to taste a wider range of real ales and enjoy live music. Details will appear on this page.

The next FILO Beer Festival :
Next Beer Festival

Please come back for details

The next FILO Music Nights are:
Thursday 7th August - Stone Juction
Tuesday 12th August - Café de Paris
Thursday 14th August - Louis Turpin & Roger Hubbard
Tuesday 19th August - Hot Club of Hastings
Sunday 24th August (6.30 p.m.) - Jazz Trio
John Donaldson/Piano, Simon Thorpe/Bass, Spike Wells/Drums
Thursday 28th August - Engine, Clutch & Gearbox
Dates being added regularly - check back for updates
For more details on these musicians, click on the links to their websites

The next FILO Quiz Nights are:
10th August - 8.30 p.m.

Fat Tuesday at the FILO - 12th February 2013

Want to relive Hastings Fat Tuesday but don't have 5 hours to spare?
Do you have 8 minutes? If not, skip to 2:30. If you're really short of time skip to 6:00...


If you wish to be placed on the FILO e-mailing list and receive information on future events, please click the link below and give your name and email address.

Add Me To List

NB. If you have joined the mailing list and are not receiving messages, please re-complete the form. Several emails are being returned due to the fact that addresses have changed or been discontiunued since signing up.List

Just a few of the many musicians who have appeared at the FILO.
Click thumbnail to view larger image.

Photos where credited on this page by kind permission
of Tony Woods - email

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